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Thanks for being born Yoochun, you have no idea what it means to me… ♥


Thanks for being born Yoochun, you have no idea what it means to me… 

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Anonymous inquired:

can u give a quick rundown on the jyj members and their personalities? all i know is that backseat made my ovaries explode and jaejoong might actually kill me (by quick like 1 sentence or 1 paragraph idc)


Oh no, are you… are you just now getting into JYJ. Dang. Part of me wants to be nice and tell you to run the other way but approximately 90% of me is not nice so:

Yeah, Jaejoong will destroy you—he’s a beautiful inedible cupcake we’re pretty sure was made by a choir of archangels but there is no way that boy didn’t bake at 375°F in Satan’s oven for thirty years. Most of us will see a new tattoo and quietly join a communal prayer circle, link arms, and chant please don’t let this one be real. He’s an entrepreneurial genius who feels things on a level deeper than the Mariana Trench with an ego the size of an entire solar system and a host of insecurities larger than that and beneath all of it, he’s hopelessly loyal, terrifyingly shrewd, and endlessly kind.

Yoochun, on the other hand, is a slow-burn kind of carnage. Should the Earth careen into the center of the sun one day, this idiot will still show up wearing seven hoodies and a thick sweater on top but you gotta understand this is representative of his deeply layered emotions and shit. You have to peel him like an apple—with something sharp and precise—because he builds walls thicker than his thighs. He’s afraid of all the things but bleeds idealistic want into everything he creates, and once stripped of his false bravado, he’s profoundly devoted, stupidly considerate, and passionately committed.

IDK who the third dude is. Junso something or other. I hear he likes cats.

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literally! exo ladies & gentlemen: kim jongdae

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Photorealistic art of sea and ice created by artist Zaria Forman with her fingers.

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Minimalistic Architecture Kevin Saint Grey

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This month is BIGBANG’s 8th anniversary AND I said I’d hold a giveaway when I reach 1K so here it is!

To celebrate, I’ll be holding two separate giveaways.


Open to everyone!

ONE person will win all of the items shown above! THIS INCLUDES: 1 tshirt (size L), 1 cheering towel, 1 double sided reusable bag, 1 version 4 lightstick (black), 1 SINCE 2007 Album.
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Giveaway will last 30 days (August 12th 5pm EST to September 30th 5 pm EST)

I’ll choose the winners via a number generator after it closes on September 30th.


♥ ONLY open to my first 1,000 followers.

I will select three random numbers with a number generator, and message you. (EX: If the number is 70, I will message my 70th follower) The first person to respond will have first pick of the 3 boxes above. Second response has second choice, and third will be given the last box.

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Good luck!!
Thank you to all who enter  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


I am extending this until September 30th!

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